Gunfight tournaments returning to Modern Warfare soon with new rewards

Modern Warfare hasn’t gotten a ton right in its first few months. From the bugs and glitches to the overall community perception, Infinity Ward has faced much criticism thus far. However, what most can agree on is that Gunfight is the diamond in the rough of Modern Warfare. The 2v2, and now 1v1, innovation from Infinity Ward has captivated casual and competitive players alike.

Gunfight was made even better with the introduction of Tournaments. These were taken away as quickly as they were introduced, but Infinity Ward has confirmed they’re coming back with brand new rewards.

Gunfight tournaments make their comeback

After only a week or so, the Gunfight tournaments were removed from Modern Warfare. This was supposedly so Infinity Ward could work on the bugs plaguing the system, specifically with the rewards. This disappointed many fans, as it was a truly unique experience.

Now, everything appears to be worked out with the rewards system. Infinity Ward tweeted out confirmation of this earlier today.

They’ll be back! We’re fixing a few bugs here and there along with working on adding some new rewards.

— Infinity Ward (@InfinityWard) January 8, 2020

While we don’t receive a firm return date, it’s nice to know they’ll at least be back at some point. However, perhaps the biggest thing to take away from the tweet is the new rewards tidbit. In the old Gunfight tournament system, rewards were decent enough. There was a Desert Eagle blueprint as well as some other cosmetic items.

But there was room for improvement with the higher-tier rewards. While they were unique, many felt Infinity Ward could offer more for teams who won their tournament. After a brief hiatus, it looks like that’s exactly what we’ll receive when the tournaments return.

Modern Warfare seems to be on the right track as of late, with Infinity Ward fixing their communication issues. Hopefully, with some new additions coming, the game will turn over a new leaf.

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