Teamfight Tactics Mobile first impressions

when riot games first released teamfight tactics, no one could have expected it to be as popular as it was. taking everyone’s favorite champions and adapting them to an auto-battler type game seemed like a fun experiment that took on a life of its own. after months of waiting, riot games’ auto-battler game mode became its own fully independent game, teamfight tactics.

available on android and ios, teamfight tactics mobile edition looks very similar to its pc counterpart. players can sync their riot account to the mobile version to gain access to any items they might own, purchased or otherwise. players can also earn rewards through pass progression and participate in ranked matches.

once more into the fray

players have access to play either a normal match, a ranked match, or the tutorial. playing through the tutorial is recommended even if players are familiar with the game as some features are a little different on mobile. it took an embarrassingly long time for me to figure out how to sell units because i told myself i didn’t need the tutorial. 

matches run smoothly, though finding a match can sometimes take several tries before connecting. this might improve as more people start playing, or once riot can make further patches. on wifi i had no issues staying connected to matches and noticed little to no lag.

perhaps the biggest esport betting sites in canada issue with the game is screen size, unfortunately. the interface for teamfight tactics mobile is a little crowded. i was playing on a pixel 2 xl and, even with the bigger screen, things seemed to get in the way a lot. your classes are listed on the left with a button that will cycle to your items. when you click on the name of a class, details of the class bonuses appear. however, the icons that display which champions are part of that class are pretty small. trying to determine who is who had me holding the phone inches from my face. 

items are a bit easier to interact with, but occasionally the game would have difficulty registering who you were trying to equip. i wasted precious seconds between matches trying to give a blitzcrank a new item. perhaps the most frustrating aspect of the game was trying to determine which champion was which during the carousel pick. on a smaller screen, it becomes harder to differentiate which champion i wanted. and with the less precise touchscreen, players must be careful not to accidentally pick up the wrong one.

the game does not have access to the mobile store yet, so players on mobile do not initially have access to the galaxies pass+. riot did not give an anticipated release date for the galaxies pass. getting the game out for players to experiment and play with earlier was more important to riot. according to riot, even though xp and progression are not currently visible they are still being tracked. when the pass releases, players will likely have access to the times and progression they earned.

the future of teamfight tactics

it is important to note that there is one major change to the game, and that is how players make purchases. teamfight tactics mobile has moved away from rp and will just use your local currency to make purchases. the prices will be different in every region but reflect what someone would pay in rp on pc versions of the game. riot uses the example of a little legend egg on pc that would cost 490 rp in the us. to purchase it on mobile, it costs $3.99. similarly, the galaxy pass+ costs 1295 rp or $9.99 on mobile. 

for those with amazon prime looking for some fun starting items, twitch prime is offering a random little legends egg for free. just make sure your accounts are synced and you have access to a pc to be able to open it. two more will be available later in the month so keep an eye out for that.

teamfight tactics mobile is available on ios devices, as long as they are iphone 6s or newer. for android devices, the game requires at least 2gb of ram, android version 7, open gl version 3+, and a 64-bit os. 

how do you feel about teamfight tactics on mobile? is it about to ruin your focus at work or are you waiting for the galaxies pass to release? let us know what you think in the comments below! make sure to follow daily esports for all your teamfight tactics news and more.

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